Patient Comfort

At Brighton Implant Clinic we take pride in providing patient comfort with the highest level of care possible. From the comfortable Kavo Estetica Dentistry Chair to soft lighting and a tranquil environment to ensure our patients have a stress free experience at our clinics. Patients travel from all over the country for dental treatment at our dental implant centres of excellence. We can provide a transport service from local train stations to our clinics and we can arrange over night accommodation for our patients. We also offer meals to patients staying for the day.

Before every treatment is performed every patient has a consultation and is provided with extensive information and literature to ensure they know exactly what costs, benefits and procedures will be involved in their treatment. Our patients are informed about every single step we take during their treatment, which is key to minimizing stress and doubts.

Patient Comfort

All our Dentists take the time and care to meet the needs of every individual and ensure they feel completely at ease. We find that our patients are extremely happy with the level of care that is provided.

“Both my wife and I have found that Dr Silva has to be one of the finest dentists we have ever attended over all these years. Not only is he 100% professional in his knowledge but is a most caring and attentive dental surgeon. He is a credit to the profession.”

Aftercare advice is available for every patient along with a recovery room, designed specially to ensure our patients are in the best comfort during the recovery process. To enhance relaxation the room is equipped with 32” LCD TV and Comfortable Corbusier armchairs.

Our clinics were designed specifically to meet the needs of every patient in the best possible way. The practice is equipped with full disabled facilities including; lift, toilets and basement surgery with wheelchair access.

To ensure the best level of treatment, we use high quality dental materials from reputable suppliers. However we endeavour to offer the most competitive prices possible. We are very flexible and accommodating for our patients. We will work out of hours to suit patient’s needs.

“Dr Bruno Silva and his team are the most professional dental practitioners I have ever come across. Right from the start Dr. Silva explained the whole process and was able to illustrate the process on screen. His attention to detail is commendable and patient care is of the highest standard. I can certainly recommend Bruno and his team and know that my sentiment is shared by all his patients. Good luck in your new practice Bruno, you certainly set the standard when it comes to Implant Surgery in this country”.

We are fully computerized using the most compatible software that integrates clinical decision support and patient database. This is used to ensure we keep track of all patient treatments and it enables us to help patients make the right decisions for further or ongoing treatments. The software ‘Exact’ was installed with time saving features to allow our Dentist’s to spend more time with each and every patient.

For more information about patient comfort at Brighton Implant Clinic please feel free to Contact Us or Call us on 0800 111 6623 .

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