Did you know that you’re at an increased risk of developing dental decay or periodontal disease during pregnancy? This is usually because of the change in the body’s hormones that negatively impact the mechanism of your body to act against plaque. However, it would be wrong to consider that pregnancy automatically worsens the health of your teeth. According to oral health experts, some of the most common dental problems are caused during pregnancy because of frequent vomiting, uncontrollable cravings for sweets as well as retching while tooth brushing.

If a pregnant woman isn’t consuming enough calcium, she’s actually hindering her baby’s supply of calcium that is needed for healthy growth. If proper dental hygiene practices are followed, serious oral health problems can be avoided while protecting the baby’s health. Studies suggest that gum disease in pregnant women is more or less related to premature births. Besides, babies with premature births are at higher risks of developing conditions like cerebral palsy and vision problems. On the contrary, getting regular dental checkups together with a strict oral hygiene routine can help reduce the chances of premature births. Besides, if any kind of gum problem is experienced, switching to a toothbrush with soft bristles and using fluoride toothpastes is also recommended.

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