For a long time, dental patients have had to put up with the pain, anxiety and discomfort associated with dental procedures. Visits to the dentist have in the past been a great fear to many patients making them shy away from receiving vital dental care. Nowadays, dentists practice modern dentistry whereby the use of modern equipment and technology is practiced thus; cases of pain and fear are alleviated.

These days dentists are committed to making the patients calm and relaxed. Psychologists have studied a number of patents and discovered that the anxiety experienced by many patients is due to the pain felt from the position they sat. In the past, patients were positioned in such a way that they could see what was happening to them. Nowadays, televisions are installed thus the patients are entertained by comedy shows and peaceful programs while being treated hence they are more relaxed. In some cases the patients wear goggles and even put on headphones which play soothing music thus enhancing easiness and comfort.

Another great advancement is the use of painkillers. Painkillers such as morphine are adopted to relieve the pain and they were given to the patients during the treatment. But, their effect could not always be determined. These days, modern medications are used. They include anesthetics to numb the location of the dental procedure and muscle relaxants for patients who are not able to handle the pain. This ensures coordination between the dentist and the patient. These forms of sedation dentistry reduce the number of dental appointments required as a lot can be achieved in just one appointment.

Also, the use of laser drills instead of the traditional mechanical ones which instilled a lot of fear in many people and also made a lot of noise. These modern drills work faster and they are more effective.

These improvements in dentistry have been very fruitful as dentists can work comfortably because the patients too are relaxed, calm and feel little or no pain. Nowadays, though dental work is not a favorite activity to engage in, it is pain and fear free. These new advancements have ensured that patients and dentists find the dental procedure to be effective and also pleasing. The biggest advantage being that many people who would otherwise shy away from visiting the dentist can obtain proper dental care for the betterment of their general well being.

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