Proper dental hygiene should be carried out on a daily basis as it prevents the occurrence of dental emergencies such as tooth caries, tooth aches, decays and other periodontal diseases. Although tooth brushing is an effective way of cleaning teeth, preventing tartar accumulation and cases of plague on the teeth, it is largely important to floss teeth regularly. Hordes of people discard flossing their teeth with the assumption that simple brushing is enough. Any dental professional would advice that teeth should be flossed alongside brushing.

Flossing is an effective way of cleaning the teeth as it effectively discourages plague build up on the teeth. This process removes food particles that remain in the crevices of the teeth. If these food particles are not removed, they rot and break down causing the plague to build up. Also, plague build up makes the gums tender and susceptible to bleeding and irritations. If it is not removed the gums will recede and the teeth will loosen and might fall out eventually. If the teeth do fall out, bacteria may accumulate in the tooth pockets and damage your teeth. In addition, dental plague is also associated with cardiovascular problems.

Flossing prevents the accumulation of plague which hardens into tartar. When calculus or tartar has formed it can only be removed with the intervention of an oral hygienist or a dentist. With the accumulation of tartar, the teeth become severely discolored and it is easy to get chips and damages. This creates impairment on overall appearance and confidence of a person. It also prevents and manages bad breath as having rotten food particles lodged in the teeth can cause unwanted smell proven to drive anyone away.

The bacteria present in tartar produce acids which damage the gums and cause swelling; – a condition known as gingivitis. When gingivitis is untreated it leads to periodontal disease which eventually causes bone resoption and tooth loss. Flushing is a much needed partner to brushing in order to make the best out of the routine you use in taking care of the teeth. Dental flosses aren’t expensive and take little effort to incorporate to your dental routine to ensure that the gums and the teeth remain in good shape.

This article is meant to enlighten readers on the necessity of flossing for good oral hygiene and the enhancement of confidence and general well being by maintaining proper dental hygiene.

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