How to Replace a Single Tooth with Dental Implant

If you have lost a tooth through decay or accident, you should not wait long, you have to have it replaced. While it’s easy to replace it with dental implant, allowing it to wait for long has a lot of undesirable effects. With the advancement of implant technologies, this procedure has now become the treatment of choice among patients with missing teeth.

To have your tooth replaced, an implant will be inserted into the place where the tooth is missing. It will serve as the root of the new tooth making it stable and strong like your natural tooth. The abutment which is where the new tooth will be cemented on is then connected to the implant. The resulting new tooth will function and look like the tooth that it replaced.

The Advantages of Dental Implants over Dentures and Bridges

There are a lot of advantages of using dental implant to replace a single tooth over permanent dental bridges or the removable dentures. For one thing, it doesn’t affect the adjacent tooth as the other two will do. This means that the health of the neighboring teeth will not be affected. This means no grinding down and crowning of your teeth; a typical experience with bridges. You will also have no metal clasps around your teeth or a piece of plastic sticking at the roof of your mouth like when you have removable partial dentures. And since implants are fixed, you don’t have to worry about clicking or slipping. Here are more advantages:

  • Prevents bone loss

With every bite you make, the teeth stimulate its surrounding bones. This will preserve the bones as stimulation causes it to continually calcify. When you lose a tooth, the stimulation stops and the bones begin to waste away too. In order to keep the bones healthy and to prevent the gums from shrinking, a dental implant is needed to fill the gap in between teeth. Replacing the teeth with either bridges or dentures will not provide the necessary stimulation of the bones and that is why any of these won’t be an ideal solution.

  • Better long term solution

In most cases, implants could last a lifetime. Unlike bridge, it is easier to clean and it is not affected by cavities. The tooth in the bridge often gets cavities and will eventually be damaged in a few years. With implant, the tooth will look and function like the original tooth, advantages that are found in other tooth replacement procedures.

These are the reasons why we highly recommend dental implants for single tooth replacement. Keep in touch with us and we will advice you with all your dental problems. With us, you can be sure that your teeth are handled by professionals who care for you and know what they are doing.