Dental Implant Systems and Technology

At Brighton Implant Clinic we are committed to providing excellent care in dental implant treatments. We have helped many patients become ‘denture free’ and enjoy the benefits of dental implants. We have invested greatly in advanced Dental Implant Systems & Technology which helps us carry out dental implants more accurately and precisely.


Dental implant systems

Dental Implant Systems & Technology


We are able to work with most major dental implant systems , including

  1. Implant Direct Sybron
  2. Nobel Biocare
  3. NeoDent
  4. Astra-Tech
  5. Zimmer
  6. Imtec 3M
  7. 3I
  8. Ankylos
  9. Biohorizons


In our clinics we use mainly Implant Direct Sybron and Neodent. In dental implant practice, dental implant systems vary according to surface texture, implant design and connection platform. Each system has its ‘unique selling point’ and for this reason no one system is ideal for all applications. Most dental implants today are made of titanium alloy. Most dental implant companies have proven data showing success rates > 95% in scientific studies. We are able to restore dental implants from all the systems listed above. Sometimes patients have had dental implants placed at other dental implant clinics and have difficulty to return. In most cases we are able to contact the clinics and obtain the information needed to restore the dental implants.

Dental Technology

Cone Beam CT Scanning

In order to place dental implants accurately we have invested in 3D CT scanning unit. All of our clinics have an in-house dental CBCT unit which allows us to view the jaw bones in three dimensions prior to surgery. With several important anatomical structures like arteries, veins and nerves it is very important that clear measurements are made and checked prior to carrying out dental implant surgery. Our CBCT scanners allow us to plan the dental implant surgery by placing virtual implants on computer first in order to see if adequate bone is available for dental implants to be placed. Patients who have limited bone volume can better understand what is required in for the dental implants to be placed properly.



Kavo Everest Cad-Cam

The Kavo Everest Cad Cam unit allows us to mill restorations out of a variety of materials including zirconia, plastic and titanium. By using this technology restorations are scanned , designed on computer and milled using a 5-axis milling unit. The final result is superior precision and better fitting dental restorations. Our in-house dental laboratory allows us to work efficiently and often complete extensive dental implant treatment, often in just one day.



Soft Tissue Laser

The laser is used for performing minor oral surgery and treating periodontal disease. Unlike conventional dental instruments the laser is able to perform precise incisions which do not bleed and are immediately sterile due to the laser effect on the tissues.

For more information about Dental Implant Systems & Technology feel free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or Call us on 0800 111 6623.


  • Avatar Tina says:

    Why do you use ‘cheaper’ implants like neodent/implant direct as opposed to established leaders such as Nobel/Astra/ankylos (who provide lifetime guarantees on their implants)??

    These companies haven’t been trading long (implant direct < 10 years, neodent < 20 years) … How confident are you in their products? Have you installed many of their products and what is your long term success rate with them (3 / 5 years)?

    I'm concerned about the longevity of my future implants, why take risks with cheaper implants which may not last as long?


    • Bruno Silva Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Tina, thanks for the enquiry. Actually the systems which we use carry the same guarantee that other systems like Nobel/Astra/Ankylos offer. Implant direct was founded by Dr Niznick who has over 30 years experience in dental implants (more than many ‘other’ companies) I am very happy with the results which we have had over the last 5 years with both of these systems. All of our results are audited and the results compared to other established companies. If you need any further information please feel free to contact us.