Cosmetic Orthodontic Braces

Cosmetic Orthodontic BracesCosmetic orthodontic braces are a range of devices that straighten and align the upper and lower teeth without affecting a patient’s appearance. There are many different types and methods available to suit the needs of all patients.

The treatment process is fairly similar with all types and begins with a consultation. This will involve taking impressions and photos to give the dentist as much information as possible to plan the treatment necessary. The dentist can then examine the case in more detail to ensure the patient is a suitable candidate and we can achieve the desired result.

The consultation also gives the patient the opportunity to ask any questions and gain a real understanding for everything that is involved working with the dentist to agree the best treatment options.

The suitable appliance is then produced and fitted for the patient, whether it be fixed or removable.

The patient will then require routinely appointments to review progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Below is a brief description of the options of cosmetic orthodontic braces.


Invisalign uses several removable appliances called ‘aligners’ which are changed at fortnightly intervals. The ‘aligners’ are clear plastic trays so are virtually invisible when worn in the mouth. One of the big advantages of these is that they are removable making maintaining good oral hygiene very easy. They can also be removed when the patient is eating for increased comfort and cleanliness.

The Damon System

The Damon systems main cosmetic appeal comes overtime with the use of the brace. It involves a fixed appliance fitted to the external surface of the teeth which is self-ligating and does not require any teeth to be removed. This in turn means the smile becomes fuller and the face does not fall in or sink as we get older. The result has been compared to that of a facelift as it noticeably improves the facial profile.

The Damon system is also available with a clear bracket for those who want as little visibility as possible showing only a very thin wire.

Lingual Orthodontic Braces

Lingual orthodontic braces are a fixed device similar to traditional braces. However they are fitted on the back of the teeth. They use the same technology and work in exactly the same way as regular fixed appliances except they are completely hidden from view. They can take slightly longer to get used to as are in closer proximity to the tongue but produce precisely the same results.

Six Month Smiles

The Six month smile system is the shortest of all cosmetic orthodontic braces. As the title suggests treatment usually take 6 months, however this can vary between 4 to 9 months depending on the severity of each case. The appliance worn is a fixed brace on the external surface of the teeth, but the brackets and the wire are tooth coloured to blend in with the patient’s natural teeth, making them less visible and prominent.