Brighton Implant Clinic was recently accredited as a BTI recongized centre. BTI (Biotechnology Institute) is a Spanish biomedicine and biotechnology company with a presence in 25 countries. It recently accredited Brighton Implant Clinic as a recognized BTI centre. The company prides itself in producing and developing some of the most versatile dental implant systems in the world. In addition to implant systems it is an international reference in regenerative medicine, due to its extensive research work into plasma rich growth factors (PRGF ).


Brighton Implant Clinic - BTI Recognized Centre


Brighton Implant Clinic started using BTI regenerative products 3 years ago. The clinic routinely completes both simple and complex dental implant procedures since opening in 2009. Dr Bruno Silva who started placing implants in 2003 has seen an increase in cases where bone grafting is needed. In some cases patient's do not have sufficient bone for dental implant treatment hence bone grafting is required. Bone grafting has shown to be a safe and reliable procedure. Bone is usually harvested from the patients own mouth. The problem with harvesting bone is that it leaves the patient with more discomfort when compared to procedures where bone grafting is not needed. Discomfort is experienced at both the harvest site as well as the graft site.


BTI Training For PRGF - Brighton Implant Clinic

The amount of bone that can be harvested from the patients own mouth is also limited. Where greater amounts of bone are needed artificial bone can be used (which can be derived from an animal source or can be completely synthetic ).   Specific bone tissue laboratories produce artificial bone which is both safe and predictable to use in dental implant surgery. BTI have developed and researched Plasma Rich Growth Factors and helped dental implant treatment become more predictable. PRGF can be used to help grafting procedures. PRGF improves the speed at which the bone heals and reduces discomfort. Swelling and inflammation is also reduced. Brighton Implant Clinic has used the PRGF technique to graft the sinus cavity in cases where patients have limited amounts of bone in the posterior aspects of the upper jaw.


The sinus lift procedure is traditionally completed with artificial bone of bovine origin. The clinic has seen an improvement in overall success when combining the PRGF with artificial bone. The PRGF technique requires a small amount of the patient's own blood which is extracted similar to when a routine blood test is taken. The whole process to obtain PRGF takes about 20-30 minutes.



Brighton Implant Clinic is pleased to have been accredited by BTI, this marks our commitment to high quality patient care. For more information about plasma rich growth factors contact us at



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