Bad Breath And Tongue Scrapers

Bad breath is one of the most common and embarrassing dental problems, which affects both the oral and social well being of most people. While some individuals avoid unpleasant foods and drinks, others use mouth rinses or flavoured gums for getting rid of the unpleasant odour. But, the fact of that matter is, many people still can’t manage to get rid of the problem permanently.

Generally, bad breath or halitosis is associated with any foul smell that emanates from the mouth. Typically, oral health experts use the term, “oral malodor” to talk about unpleasant smells that originate from the oral cavity. According to experts, a common cause of bad breath is post-nasal drip that coats the tongue’s back area with mucous that contains bacteria. And, tongue scrapers are effective in providing relief to oral malodour resulted from sinus drainage.


According to recent studies, tongue cleaners or tongue scrapers can play an important role in reducing the levels of volatile sulfur compounds (bad breath causing compounds), which are produced as a result of the interaction between bacteria and amino acids. While there isn’t any standard treatment for the condition, bad breath resulting from bacterial accumulation can be controlled by scraping or brushing the middle as well as the back of the tongue. By reducing the levels of volatile sulfur compounds, tongue scraping helps in decreasing oral malodour. But, it is important to note that this is a short-term reduction and therefore, shouldn’t be considered a permanent solution for eliminating malodor. Further research needs to be conducted in order to learn more about the role of undetected odorants in oral malodor.

According to oral health experts tongue scrapers serve as an ideal tool for short-term relief from the problem of bad breath. In fact, tongue cleaners or scrapers are often regarded as straightforward, affordable and comfortable oral hygiene tools that make it easy and quick to clean the tongue effectively. Using a tongue scraper is extremely simple and straightforward. After holding the scraper at the tongue’s back, it should be brought forward while scraping firmly and gently along the tongue.


Most dentists suggest that children, adolescents, adults and seniors should add this oral hygiene technique to their oral care routine. In addition to using tongue scrapers, there are a number of steps that can be taken for preventing bad breath:

  1. Keeping the toothbrush fresh is extremely important. Replacing the toothbrush every three months also helps in reducing the risk of developing halitosis.
  2. An extra brush should always be kept at work. Also, make sure to keep a spare toothbrush as well as toothpaste at work so that the teeth can be brushed after lunch.
  3. Drinking enough water is also important. By keeping the mouth moist, the amount of bacteria in the mouth can be significantly reduced.
  4. Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly to keep teeth and gums healthy.

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