Are you looking for a better and healthier smile?

The lower third of our face is the area that allows us to display our emotional expressions. A healthy smile, can have a positive effect on a person and also display more of a confident appearance.

If you want to correct your teeth, you may follow an orthodontic treatment which will give you the beautiful smile that you are looking for, as well as leading to a better appearance of your whole face.

Orthodontics is the specialty area of dentistry which deals with the correcting of teeth positions, their disproportion or the relationship of the dental arches. It is very important to correct teeth positions, not only for aesthetics reasons but also because of functional reasons.

Diagnosis and treatment

Before an orthodontic treatment begins it is necessary to follow some steps in order to achieve the right diagnosis and treatment plan:

Are you looking for a better and healthier smile?


– Analysis of the malocclusion

– Identify the etiology of the problem

– Study of the case with radiographs.

– Design of a treatment plan according to the needs of the patient.


Fixed or removable orthodontic treatment

There are two types of dental appliances used in orthodontics: fixed and removable. They are used to straighten the teeth and promote proper growth and development of maxillary bone.

Are you looking for a better and healthier smile?

Fixed multibracket therapy involves the use of fixed appliances, named “brackets”, which are bonded onto teeth in order to solve biting problems. It is necessary to use metal wires that are inserted into orthodontic brackets, these then interact to move teeth into the desired positions applying slight pressure on the teeth through the mounting of braces.

It is easier to correct jaw and teeth positions at an early age, rather than adult years. The best moment to start an orthodontic treatment with fixed braces is around the age of 12 years old because the maxillary bones grow faster.

People can benefit from an orthodontic treatment at any age but the treatment lasts longer in adults due to the fact that the maxillary bones are no longer as elastic as they used to be during childhood period.


Invisible braces, which consists of clear plastic aligners that move teeth. There are many different systems on the market such as Invisalign, clearstep or six month smiles.

Six Month Smiles may be a good option of treatment when only the teeth are malpositioned and the bone structures are in perfect harmony.

brighton implant clinic

dental implant

Some advantages of this system are:

– Short treatment times (only six months).

– Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are used.

– Faster, hygienic and more comfortable than other alternative treatments.



Other methods such as functional appliances are used in patients from 5 to 14 years old, the jaw dimensions and relationship between them can be successfully modify.

These usually are followed by fixed multibracket therapy to align the teeth and refine the occlusion.

Permanence in orthodontic treatments

Minor tooth movements occur throughout life, it is normal, even after retention, so no permanent guarantee. However, it is uncommon to need further treatment.

If you are interested in an improvement of your smile ask to your dentist who will recommend you the best option for you.


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