A perfect smile is a sign of beauty and enhances a lot of confidence in a person. Cosmetic dentistry is of importance as it builds on an individual’s self esteem as it makes people to be better able to express themselves. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are diverse. These treatments are used to reshape straighten, whiten and most of all for aesthetic purposes. It includes use of veneers, bridges dental implants, crowns and also teeth whitening procedures. These treatments are effective, safe, fast and do not cause unnecessary discomfort and side effects as long as they are handled by a professional oral health specialist.

Crooked teeth can be remedied by use of dental crowns or caps. This is a type of artificial cover that resembles a real tooth. It is positioned over a broken tooth. They improve on appearance of teeth that are malformed. They cover the residual cover the remaining part of the tooth and protects the tooth from any infections and diseases that would rather cause serious dental health problems.

Veneers are used to remedy dental conditions such as slightly crooked, stained and chipped teeth. They are also used to cover spaces between the teeth. Veneers are thin slices of shell made from porcelain. they are mostly used to cover the teeth that look bad. They are mostly applied in cases where teeth are discolored. They are convenient quick and easy to fix. Veneers have a light reflecting property which makes them look more natural.

Dental bridges can be used in cases whereby the teeth are missing. They consist of a false tooth and two crowns which fit over the teeth surrounding the gap. The false teeth are a substitute for missing teeth.

Another type of cosmetic dentistry procedure is the use of tooth colored fillings. This procedure closes cracks and gaps in between the teeth making it look straight and even. They fill holes and strengthen the back molars. These fillings are made of a composite resin material that is similar to the natural color of the teeth.

Gum lifts are used to raise and sculpt the gum line. This makes the teeth appear longer and more symmetrical that improves the look of a person. Gum lifts involve the removal of excess gum tissues from around teeth.


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