1. Do you want to avoid illness? Maintaining good oral hygiene on a daily basis reduces the germs and bacteria that cause gum disease. Failing to follow a daily oral health care routine can let the harmful bacteria in the mouth to accumulate and cause gingivitis at first and periodontal disease in future. Flossing should be done after brushing the teeth, as it helps get rid of food particles and bacteria in the mouth.
  2. Do you want to prevent your teeth from decay? Regular brushing as well as flossing the teeth helps you prevent your teeth from decay by removing the plaque that could harden to form tartar, which could lead to a number of oral health conditions, including tooth decay.
  3. Do healthy teeth mean healthy heart? Flossing helps remove plaque as well as tartar from the teeth and prevents the bacteria and germs from harming your organs, especially the heart. According to various studies and research, flossing the teeth on a regular basis helps improve the health of your heart.
  4. Are you tired of having bad breath? Brushing helps get rid of plaque and bacteria in your mouth, but tooth brushing alone isn’t enough to prevent the embarrassing condition known as bad breath. Brushing should be followed by dental flossing, which removes bacteria from in between the teeth and prevents bad breath.
  5. If you have dental implants, it is very important to floss daily to remove plaque around implants. This will ensure long lasting dental implants.

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