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Smile Makeover Competition

We’re not sure about New Year, New me, or if kale is really a superfood; but we are sure about new beginnings, new prospects, and improving our own quality of life.  At the Brighton Implant Clinic we want you to start off your year smiling, so we’re kicking things off with a smile makeover competition!

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Poor dental health can have detrimental effects on our overall health, such as problems with speech and eating. To more seriously, a weakened immune system, a higher risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Not only does poor dental health have adverse effects to our physical health, it can also be damaging to our mental health by deteriorating self-esteem and confidence.


People should not think that a big Hollywood bright white smile is a perfect smile, a healthy smile or one to try and strive to achieve. A beautiful smile is and always should be a healthy one. Poor oral health can shatter self – esteem and confidence which is essential to our emotional health and self – worth. Low self – esteem can make you feel depressed, anxious, give you a negative outlook and can be the difference between success and failure.


It has been clinically proven that smiling has many health benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, strengthening the immune system and even boosting productivity! Smiling releases endorphins in the brain which can do extraordinary things, to find out more read the extraordinary power of a smile.


First avocado becomes the reason millennials can’t afford housing as they keep smashing it on toast. Now Kale is the latest superfood? But how did this all happen you say? Well, when it was splashed all over every blog and health article as a “super” food. There are foods that are healthier than others (we’ve always known this), but coining a particular food a “super” food is just the latest fad. The statistics of kale being high in vitamin K, A, C, as well as calcium, copper, and manganese are not necessarily untrue.  But, these “super” benefits are only if you’re eating it by the kilo and raw. By cooking, baking or roasting it -  it is as healthy as eating spinach.  

Brighton Implant Clinic

The Brighton Implant Clinic was established in 2009, Hove, East Sussex. The award – winning clinic now spans over four sites in Hove,  Brighton, Worthing, and Hailsham. Founder and principal dentist Dr Bruno Silva has created a clinic with state of the art facilities and equipment including its own dental laboratory. We provide personalised and affordable dental care, including dental implants and cosmetic dentistry solutions, with additional services such as sedative dentistry. Dr Silva and his team believe a smile is a gift that keeps on giving, confidence in your smile is confidence in you. Their promise is to provide patients with first class dental treatments with first class patient care.

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  • Sharon Webb says:

    This amazing Dental Clinic and it’s Beautiful and caring staff Totally Transformed my life, and I will forever be endebted to them. The skills and dedication they have cannot be met by others, and the unique way they put you at ease, making you feel like a friend rather than a client, gives you the strong feeling of being in safe hands, added to this is their way of ensuring you do not feel any pain or anxiety only the sense of being totally relaxed and cared for in a lovely warm environment…..I will always promote their total dedication and innovation to Dentistry……❤️❤️❤️

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