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How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Many patients ask me how long do dental implants last. Well it can vary from person to person depending on several factors. Firstly its important that the implant is placed correctly. The implant placement should ideally be placed into good areas of bone with sufficient bone volume and density. Once the implant is placed and restored with a crown or bridge, it is paramount to maintain the implant as best as possible. Caring for a dental implant is similar to that of a natural tooth. Daily brushing and flossing is necessary to prevent plaque and food debris accumulation. The gum tissue around the implant is sensitive to similar diseases that affect gum tissue around natural teeth. Regular visits to your dentist and or hygienist will ensure that the surrounding gum tissues are well looked after and maintained healthy. The gum tissues around teeth are known as the periodontium and the gum disease around natural teeth is known as periodontal disease or periodontitis. Lastly the name used for gum disease affecting the tissues around dental implants is known as peri-implantitis.

ok so with general terminology discussed we can highlight what may affect the long term lifespan of dental implants. Oral hygiene is very important to maintain the adjacent tissues around dental implants and by brushing , flossing and using regular mouth rinsing one is able keep the areas around dental implants disease free. Factors which may affect oral hygiene like reduced brushing, heavy smoking may influence the long term life of dental implants. The dental implant crown or bridge may also fail in a small number of cases however this is usually due to mechanical failure or similar problems. Fracture of porcelain on dental implants may be corrected by simply changing the dental implant crown or bridge. Fracture of porcelain may occur for no apparent reason but usually this may indicate some heavy biting forces on the implant crown or bridge.

If one googles lifespan of dental implants its difficult to therefore get an accurate answer as to how long dental implants last. As we have discussed dental implants may last varying lengths of time depending on the implant placement and the maintenance of the dental implant over the time after the implant was placed. In practice we have seen some dental implants last more than 25 years so hopefully if you consider dental implants they will last as long as 25 years or even longer.

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