Discoloured Anterior Tooth

Discoloured Anterior Tooth?

Discoloured Anterior Tooth

Do you have a discoloured anterior tooth? Have you ever wondered why some teeth may appear darker than normal?

Natural teeth have a blood supply , this means that each and every natural tooth in our mouths have a separate artery and vein which are connected inside each tooth. This is quite amazing given that these vessels are tiny and bring nutrients to each tooth continuously. The vessels enter and exit each tooth mainly through the tip of the root called the apex. Sometimes these delicate vessels may become damaged as a result of trauma or extensive tooth decay. If this happens the vessels inside the tooth may become damaged and become completely detached from the larger artery or vein connected to each tooth. During this process the damaged vessels inside the tooth may bleed inside the tooth causing blood to pool inside the tooth.

Discoloured Anterior Tooth ?

A little information about blood. It contains small amounts Iron and this has the effect of staining the tooth over time. Unfortunately over time this staining impregnates the tooth surface from the inside out. The tooth will appear bluish or blackish if this has happened. Usually the treatment of choice is to remove the damaged vessels by means of a root canal treatment. See our post on root canal treatments if you need information about root canal treatments. The discoloration of the tooth can be improved by removing the stained material by means of internal tooth whitening.

Internal tooth whitening differs from normal tooth whitening , with internal tooth whitening we place whitening gel inside the tooth and the effect of the gel works from the inside out.

Once the tooth has been whitened it can be sealed with a composite resin or it may require crowning or veneer. It is important to note that if the tooth is not whitened or if the color of the tooth is not improved then this may affect the final color and shade of the crown or veneer.

Anterior teeth crowns are more commonly made of metal free materials such as Emax or Empress. These crowns usually give excellent aesthetics as they allow natural light to shine through in the same way as natural teeth. The disadvantage of this is that if the tooth underneath is discolored then this will make the final crown or veneer also discolored.

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