Alcoholism and Dental Care

Do you have questions about alcoholism and dental care? If you’re an alcoholic or know someone who has an alcohol addiction, then what you’re about to read is very important. Telling your dentist about this addiction is extremely important for ensuring safe treatment as well as determining the right medication.

How alcohol effects your oral health

Did you know that signs of alcohol addiction can start appearing in the mouth in the form of tooth decay or tooth loss? Alcohol addicts may even develop a painful tongue or burning and reddening of the tongue from deficiencies of nutrition. Other problems or health hazards include ulcerations in the mouth corners or gingivitis and gum inflammation. Alcohol addiction leads to a decrease in the flow of saliva, interfering with your body’s potential of protecting against foreign bodies, which can eventually result in oral ulcerations.

The damage caused by alcoholism can be mouth injuries that are sustained in falls or severe gum bleeding.

If you don’t inform your dentist at Brighton Implant Clinic about your drinking habits, you may put yourself in more trouble by increasing your teeth’s chances of bleeding heavily since drinking affects blood clotting. You’ll be running the risk of having a fractured jaw or breaking the teeth if your balance is lost and you fall. If any problems are detected, your dentist at Brighton Implant Clinic will advise you about the do’s and don’ts of your oral care.


Even if you’ve decided to quit drinking, you should never forget to ask your dentist for a comprehensive medical assessment while developing a long-term treatment approach. You may need to go through some dental procedures like scaling of gums or use of medication for cavity-prevention as part of your treatment.

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